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Kevin Macdonald's books explain *why* the current suffocating Zeitgeist came into being -- who created it, and why. Political correctness, multiculturalism, massive immigration into the U.S. (despite the fact that polls show the overwhelming majority of Americans strongly opposed) -- the whole miserable ball of wax. This Zeitgeist makes eugenics totally hopeless, at least for the short term, because it forbids any public debate of the issue. Read The Culture of Critique first and you'll be amazed at how it all happened, and grateful that someone figured it all out and had the courage to write a book about it.

"MacDonald makes a shocking case, but one which is compelling and extensively documented, that Jewish influence has undermined Gentile society. Every European and European-American needs to understand what MacDonald has written.

For the first time, MacDonald explains, using historical documents and quoting largely from Jewish sources, the history of Jewish influence in the United States and its historical antecedents. Is it a Jewish conspiracy? Well, yes, if you consider, as does MacDonald, the activities of those individuals who are part of "organized Jewry." There are, of course, dissident Jewish intellectuals who adamantly oppose the machinations of organized Jewry, but this does not negate MacDonald's deep research and important expose.

MacDonald's 3-volume series is "must reading" for anyone who wants to learn about the origins of our most serious problems: from the decadence of modern society, through "multiculturalism," celebration of "diversity" [but not in Israel] to the disastrous results of reverse discrimination and run-away Third World immigration. . . . Western Christian civilization may truly be on the ropes, but it did not get there spontaneously or without help.

Read MacDonald's trilogy to understand the 20th century."



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